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Enterprise Solution Architecture

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SYS-CON Events announced today that Cloud Raxak has been named "Media & Session Sponsor" of SYS-CON's 17th Cloud Expo, which will take place on November 3-5, 2015, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Raxak Protect automates security compliance across private and public clouds. Using the SaaS tool or managed service, developers can deploy cloud apps quickly, cost-effectively, and without error. For more information, please visit http://www.cloudraxak.com. Register FREE Before Friday! ▸ Here Your registration includes: ▸ Cloud Expo sessions ▸ Big Data Expo sessions ▸ @ThingsExpo sessions ▸ DevOps sessions ▸ Containers sessions ▸ Microservices sessions The World's Largest Cloud Computing Event, November 3-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center! Cloud computing budgets worldwide are reaching into the hundreds of billions of dollars, and no organization... (more)

Enterprise Cloud Governance - Plug & Play for Cloud Services Is Not Enough

Enterprise Cloud Governance is the specification of policies and procedures for cloud solutions and services for the organization. Many organizations struggle with having silos of clouds without a coherent approach for governance. It is very tempting for departments or groups to go and buy new services and try to plug them and then play  to see how they work. If specific services have their own individual policies and procedures, this can lead to problems due to lack of centralized management. Without proper alignment with enterprise architecture and security, this can lead to spaghetti like conglomeration of Cloud services without proper attention to interoperability and service management. With enterprise-level solutions that leverage hybrid services, the situation can quickly spin out of control. It is extremely important to have a strategy and vision in place to a... (more)

Integrating Globally Distributed Data: A New Approach

The era of Big Data is upon us. The volume, variety and velocity of data now being generated is unprecedented in human history. This poses a challenge for those tasked with data integration: how can we manage all this data, particularly across distributed data centers around the world? The complexity and compliance issues of modern data management must be addressed. Health care organizations, online subscription services, banks and many other businesses need to provide user-friendly service while ensuring trust by protecting and managing critical data. For example, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that includes sensitive information such as credit card numbers, names and Social Security numbers, can be extremely challenging to manage effectively. There are multiple issues associated with data integration, especially when applied in a cross-regional context t... (more)

Case Study: Making Cloud ROI a Reality

IT managers at enterprises of all sizes are exploring cloud computing and virtualization as a way to address conflicting demands within their organizations. These mounting pressures include a lack of internal resources, mandates from the CFO to lower costs, and the struggle to complete key initiatives while also performing mundane server maintenance and application storage tasks. These same IT professionals are also being asked to build and implement battle-tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans that not only reduce data loss and downtime, but present a recovery time objective that prevents the organization from further interruption in the wake of an outage. You may have read some controversial articles in the early days of cloud computing stating that there is no such thing as ROI for cloud computing. These early cloud pundits believed that buying ... (more)

Reducing Conjecture with Enterprise Mobility and M2M

Mission critical enterprise mobility is all about removing blind spots from people and processes. ~Kevin Benedict The competitive battlefield of 2014 will increasingly involve data.  It will be about collecting, transmitting, analyzing and reporting its meaning faster and more efficiently than competitors.  If you can digitally represent locations, events, activities, resources, job skills, assets, schedules, materials, job statuses, etc., in remote and mobile locations accurately, then you have the ability to introduce incredibly powerful algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities that will greatly enhance your ability to optimize processes automatically within your software systems.  WOW!  That was a mouth full!  If you have hundreds of locations, projects and job sites and thousands of assets and remote workers, your future viability as a business ... (more)

Innovative Implementation of Cloud-Based SaaS Enterprise Frameworks

Traditionally business process services are built on applications that are running within the enterprise to fulfill business demands. In the recent past, the concept of SaaS Clouds gained significance with services being hosted in a common cloud environment within the enterprise or outside the enterprise. In this article, we propose an innovative implementation of Cloud-based SaaS Enterprise Frameworks in "Corporate Action Events" Processing. A lot of discussions have appeared on how enterprise architecture services and cloud-based services, namely SaaS, are connected within an organization and how these architectural styles are better leveraged to fulfill business domain demands. [1] Enterprise architecture often describes the blueprint of applications and strategies within an enterprise, whereas enterprise SOA is more about enterprise services and provides integr... (more)

Dell Reorganizes – Again

Dell's reorganizing again. It's consolidating its Public and Large Enterprise business units into a single organization under unit president Paul Bell. It has also named Steve Schuckenbrock president of the roughly $8 billion-year Dell Services unit, replacing Peter Altabef, who is leaving the company after integrating Perot Systems into Dell. Both Bell, who's been president of Dell's public business unit, and Schuckenbrock, who was heading Dell's Large Enterprise business and was previously the company's CIO, will report to CEO Michael Dell. Schuckenbrock will be responsible for managing Dell Services, Dell IT, the global expansion of Dell's Services operations, the integration of recent services acquisitions and the company's strategic efforts to develop companywide integrated solutions. The company says it anticipates that moving its solutions organization under ... (more)

Moses-Like, Intel Points to the Promised Land of Exascale Computing

Intel is lacing up its jackboots to go Nvidia stomping. Seems we can expect the semiconductor giant to commercialize a better-than-50-core co-processor code named Knights Corner, a descendant of its sorta aborted Larrabee GPU adventure, in 2012-13 to compete against Nvidia's Tesla GPU accelerators that currently own the HPC co-processor space. Intel's cores will all be x86 apparently packed on a single ring bus and reportedly programmable with existing x86 tools that - allowing for parallelizing the code - are supposed to be easier to use than Nvidia's proprietary CUDA platform although Tesla would probably result in faster machines. Next year Nvidia should introduce its Kepler GPU, reportedly three times faster than what it's got now. Intel's expected widgets represent what it calls its Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture resulting in a general-purpose accel... (more)

How Strategic Planning Relates to Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF often refers to Strategic Planning without specifying the details of what it consists of. This document explains why there is a perfect fit between the two. Strategic Planning means different things to different people. The one constant is its reference to Business Planning which usually occurs annually in most companies. One of the activities of this exercise is the consideration of the portfolio of projects for the following financial year, also referred to as Project Portfolio Management (PPM). This activity may also be triggered when a company modifies its strategy or the priority of its current developments. Drivers for strategic planning may be: New products or services A need for greater Business flexibility and agility Merger & Acquisition Company’s reorganization Consolidation of manufacturing plants, lines of business, partners, information systems ... (more)

Is the Cloud a New System Architecture?

An article from a member of the qcadoo project (www.qcadoo.com) in which we discuss if the cloud is a technical term or just a marketing slogan. Which technical concepts did this term swallow up and can their synergy be treated as an architecture for IT systems. First of all what does ‘the cloud’ really mean? Is it really a technical term or just a marketing slogan? According to the father of the free software movement Richard Stallman: It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign. You can also find similar opinions on the other side of the barricade. For example CEO of the Oracle Corporation Larry Ellison starts by saying that: It’s nonsense and water vapor and it's followed by four minutes of jokes about clueless cloud advocates. But shortly after dismissing the cloud, both move to quite technical arguments. So there seems to be some tec... (more)

CiRBA Announces Control Console for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0

CiRBA on Wednesday announced support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 in its latest release of CiRBA Version 7.0. CiRBA's new Control Console provides IT organizations with control over risk and efficiency in virtual and cloud infrastructure. The console provides a visualization revealing in a single view where attention is required at the VM, host, and cluster level and explicit instructions on what to do in order to eliminate risk and increase efficiency. "CiRBA and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provide a powerful solution for enabling organizations to gain control over virtual infrastructure while significantly reducing its cost," said Chuck Tatham, SVP, Operations and Business Development at CiRBA. "CiRBA's analytics help organizations place workloads and allocate resources in order to safely maximize efficiency and VM density. Organizations benefi... (more)